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Introducing the "Melody of Hapiness" apARTment

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Melody of Hapiness

The ideal destination for relaxation

Room features

The "Melody of Hapiness"is a bright two- room apartment 33 sq.m. which canaccommodate a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children. It consists of a bedroom, a bathroom with shower, a separate kitchen area with full equipment, and a private balcony where you can enjoy lunch or a drink overlooking the garden.

In the white rustic wooden bed of the bedroom is placed an anatomic mattress that ensures longer sleep quality, there is also an elegant sofa bed with a mattress and also a "smart" stool-bed with anatomic mattress and bedspring.The elegant desktop with the high stool is the point you can use as a desktop.There is a separate air conditioning, free internet connection, 32 'LCD TV. The apartment is decorated with unique,original artworks by Greek painters and artists. 

Amenities at a glance

  • 33 sq. Meters, 2 spaces
  • Up to 3 persons(2 adults, 1 child/up to 16y.o)
  • 1 bedroom
  • Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator
  • Double bed with anatomic mattress (1.60m. X 2m.), Sofa with layer and substrate, stool-bed (smart furniture) with anatomic mattress and bedspring
  • Desktop with stool
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Two balconies: one private balcony with table and chairs overlooking the garden and one communal
  • Air condition
  • Free wi-fi
  • LCD TV 32’
  • Face towels, bath towels and bed linen
  • Iron (upon request)
  • Hairdryer (upon request)
  • Free parking

The story of “Melody of Hapiness”

Learn about the story

Through the earthly atmosphere of "Melody of Happiness", a mysterious aura gently envelops you and takes you to an ancient place of Toroni. You are in a vast expanse of golden sand where a path with black and white keys springs from the depths of the earth, goes far beyond the clouds and is lost in the wake of the blue sky.

A gentle musical figure welcomes you to the entrance of this path with a musical motif at Andante rhythm and invites you to follow it. Without a second thought, with a small leap you go up the path and enjoy the first sweet sounds of your every step. As you release your imagination, your musical figure accompanies your heartbeat ...

Your steps are getting bigger, they become dance steps, sometimes fast and lively and sometimes slow and light movements, pleasant and gentle melodies scattered throughout the landscape, give pulse, breathing, movement in space. A child figure rises a tile boat hidden in the sand and a little further a feminine figure enjoys its vigorous hanging on a crib attached to a white cloud. 

The mysterious piano path transforms your dance into melodies of happiness ... melodies that create a cool breeze that lifts you up and dives you into a fluffy white cloud. You travel over the castle of Lecythos and the acropolis of Toroni.

From there, from the glorious rock of the acropolis, you gaze at the panoramic view of Toroni bay, where all the shades of blue join the sea with the sky in the depth of the horizon. Leave the magnificent view to the east that stretches Mount Athos and west the world's most mythical mountain, Olympos.

When the sun begins and shows its orange smile, the echoes of your tunes embrace you and take you to a ship, just below the cliffs of the Acropolis, which will accompany you on your return journey. All the atmosphere, sky and sea are filled with yellow, orange, reddish rays that stretch over the waves and feel their warmth ...

The twilight slowly rises and the ship leaves you on the cool, familiar shore.The light that shines ahead shows you the way back. 

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A fairy tale atmosphere for your holidays